Three assault crimes in Billings to discuss this morning on The Billings Morning News.  More "Pot" talk about legalizing marijuana in Montana for a strange reason continues.  Burlington Northern Santa Fe(BNSF) is moving 55 jobs to Laurel by the end of July.  News 1:  A Billings woman is arrested for DUI while her child was in her car.  A man pushes a woman out of a moving car on 6th Avenue South and 29th Street. Emery Castro is accused of strangling a woman and then cut his own wrists.

News 2:  Anthony Varriano from Glendive wants marijuana to be legal to help fund Montana Schools.  Billings business owner, Steve Zabawa is gathering signatures to make sure that does not happen!

News 3:  BNSF is looking to move 55 jobs to Laurel and taking them from Glendive and Forsyth.  The jobs may be available in Laurel by the end of the month.