Sean Hannity

Hannity Calls Out CNN's Acosta
Free speech for me, but not for thee. That appears to be Jim Acosta's response to his Trump-fan critics who heckled the CNN reporter during a Florida Trump rally. Acosta criticized his critics via Twitter, which prompted this response from Hannity.
Top 3 Billings Stories For July 21, 2015
A Sunday Billings Heights shooting of a pregnant woman sent to the hospital.  Yellowstone County Sheriff, Mike Linder said that one is dead after a shooting near Ballantine on Monday.  Artistic horses didn't last long in downtown Billings.
Top 3 Billings Stories For July 20, 2015
Gunshots in Billings Heights.  30th Big Sky State Games conclude yesterday after a fantastic Dick Fosbury opening ceremony on July 17th at Daylis Stadium.  Marine Staff Sargent, David Wyatt was one of the marines killed last week.  He has Montana ties.
Top 3 Billings Stories For July 13, 2015
Billings teen driver flips his truck in MetraPark parking lot, one transported to the hospital.  Two lighting caused fires in Roundup over the weekend.  Vandalism in Billings is running rampant, especially in Billings Heights.
Top 3 Billings Stories For July 10, 2015
Those three sisters lost in Wyoming have been missing since last weekend, have been found alive!  A Billings man is in jail after getting arrested for being 5 times over the limit of alcohol.  Does a Billings man, Todd Kinzel have a medical license?

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