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Billings Police Department Accepting Applications
The Billings Police Department announced today they are accepting applications for POST and non-POST certified probationary police officers, with a starting pay of $26.86 per hour plus benefits, according to the City of Billings website.
Effort Underway to Get Kanye West on the Ballot in Montana
I was sitting in my car outside of a store in Billings on Sunday afternoon, and I spotted a couple guys with clipboards getting signatures from people walking in. What in the world are these guys collecting signatures for? Is it the marijuana legalization thing again? Nah, it can't be that beca…
Donations for the Billings Police Department: We're All In
This morning we saw in the Billings Gazette that Phillips 66 gave a donation of $50,000 to the Billings Police Department for cameras. We are all in. This morning Mark and I contributed $5,000 to the cause through our Flakesgiving Fund. We are asking anyone else who can help to contribute to the ca…

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