Help Billings Get a Playground for All Kids
These days I realize that Richard was not only missing out on the physical things that his paralysis excluded him from, but he was also missing the chance to get to know other kids. It seemed like that was just another thing that a kid in a wheelchair had to endure; it seemed okay. That shouldn&ap…
WINGS Radiothon: Support Cancer Patients in Montana
Our friends at Bee Broadcasting and KJJR Radio in Kalispell just kicked off the 23rd annual radiothon to help raise money for cancer patients in Northwest Montana. It started at 7AM Thursday morning, and continues through Friday night. If you're in Kalispell- stop by the Sportsman Ski Haus. If …
Youth Call for Billings Nondiscrimination Ordinance
The Gazette reports Billings high school student activists– along with area faith leaders– have revived a push for a Billings nondiscrimination ordinance. The group of West High students are clear about what they’re after. They gathered after school on Wednesday, and West senior Allison Johnson said…
AFL CIO Sitting Out of Pipeline Debate
Montana AFL CIO Political Director Adam Haight: "I am inclined to sit this out in committee because I don’t want to piss off the native caucus this early in the session. We will need their votes to pass and kill bills in the coming months."

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