Locally Owned Montana Pharmacies Now Have COVID Vaccine
Locally owned pharmacies now have COVID-19 vaccines on hand. Kyle Austin with Pharm 406 in Billings tells us that they now have access to a limited supply of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone who meets the 1b+ criteria can head in and get access to the vaccine for free.
An Impressive Display at Elder Grove School
If you worried that Dr. Seuss was going to be outlawed in our nation's schools...the Outlaws at Elder Grove Elementary School are here to reassure you that the beloved children's book author will still be remembered.
Rosendale Sounds Off on HR1, Radical Agenda of Dems in House
There's the nearly $2 trillion COVID relief bill that doesn't even give most of the money to COVID relief, and bails out the bad decision making of blue states like California and New York. There's the Equality Act that would discriminate against women in the name of the transgender m…

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