Gunshots in Billings Heights.  30th Big Sky State Games conclude yesterday after a fantastic Dick Fosbury opening ceremony on July 17th at Daylis Stadium.  Marine Staff Sargent, David Wyatt was one of the marines killed last week.  He has Montana ties.  News 1:  A Billings teen is recovering from a gunshot wound that happened at Edgewood Apartments in Billings Heights on Saturday night.  The gunshot wound happened after an fight at the apartment complex.  The investigation continues.

News 2:  30th Big Sky State Games was this past weekend all over Billings.  Dick Fosbury was a great guest and torch lighter on Friday night at Daylis Stadium.  Over 10,000 athletes play in 35 events around Billings.

News 3:  The shooting and killing of four marines in Tennessee last week claims the life of former University of Montana alum, Marine Staff Sargent, David Wyatt.  Wyatt graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2002.