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Mob Rule: Homicides Skyrocket in Portland, Other US Cities
Whether their aim is to all out defund the police, to reform the police, or to simply- as Joe Biden put it- divert funding from the police: what is the end result of all of these attacks on law enforcement? A double digit hike in homicides in 36 out of the 50 major US cities, according to the Wall S…
Applications Open for Judy Martz Women in Leadership Award
The awards were started in honor of the late Governor Judy Martz, who was Montana's first and only woman governor. The applications are open until July 31st. Women recognized with the leadership award will receive grant funding in order to attend conferences, receive leadership training, and mo…
Free Face Masks in Montana...Made in China
Hats off to these organizations for snagging some free face masks that are being forced on business owners. But here's my rub: this pandemic started in China. The Communist Chinese government mishandled COVID-19. Now, the rest of the world is paying the consequences. So, now we reward the Commu…
Veterans Only Gym, Fundraiser Coming Up in Billings
Before you look at the headline and move on- I want you to know that this isn't your typical, "hey, check out this cool event coming up" type of story. I think even those of you who can't make it to Billings for this event will be interested in our conversation.

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