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The People Were Heard: Road to Cooke City Open
The people were definitely heard on this one. As we mentioned last week, KULR-8 reporter Luke Laster traveled to Cooke City to interview business owners who described being shut off from the rest of Montana. Then, a young man from Bozeman was arrested for attempting to drive to Cooke City.
Great New Insight from Dr. Sears with St. V's [AUDIO]
We've talked a lot about the COVID-19 concerns over the past few weeks from a virus standpoint, but what are some of the side effects from the COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing guidelines? Depression, anxiety, suicide, and even sexual dysfunction- just to name a few.
LIVE Memorial Day Special on Monday's Montana Talks
We’ve got a special Memorial Day show coming up for you on Monday’s Montana Talks. Our friend George Blackard is not only a Navy veteran, he’s also the statewide Vice Commander for the American Legion in Montana. Tune in as he guest hosts our special show.
UPDATE: MT Veterans Home Facing Challenges with Meat Supply
The administrator for the Montana Veterans Home is clarifying that while the veterans home is facing some challenges with their supply of meat- they currently have their normal food supply on stock. Underdahl also tells us that the veterans home doesn't have "the current need or space to s…
E&E: Largest 6 Week Drop for ND Oil Production
Nearly two years ago, the North Dakota rig count had doubled from 2016. Earlier this year, despite the takedown of Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani, oil prices remained relatively stable following a tension in international relations that could have caused long lines at the gas pumps in the 19…

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