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B-17 in Crash had Visited Billings
When I heard about the World War II bomber that had crashed, my first thought was "Please God, not the Miss Montana." Upon learning the plane was a B-17 Flying Fortress, I was relieved a little by still saddened by the loss of seven people...
Shop Class Has a New Meaning in Montana [AUDIO]
Every kid in Montana doesn't need to get a four year liberal arts degree. We need more trades education in our high schools. We need skilled workers to fill all of the jobs that are available in the state. That's what I hear all across Montana.
WATCH: Montanans at White House for Japan Deal
Montana rancher Fred Wacker will be in attendance at the White House Monday afternoon as President Donald Trump is set to formally sign the Japan trade deal, according to an advisory sent out by Senator Steve Daines' (R-MT) office.
The Red (Meat) Scare
News outlets and Aaron jumped on this international study that said the health advantage from eating less red meat was minimal to barely there.
First Lady Melania Trump Headed to Yellowstone
First Lady Melania Trump is headed to Yellowstone National Park on Thursday, according to a White House press release. The Casper-Star Tribune added that Interior Secretary David Bernhardt will also join the First Lady on the trip.
Montana Talks LIVE From the Flathead Thurs and Fri
We've got a couple of great shows coming your way later this week from the Flathead Valley with our statewide radio show- Montana Talks. We'll kick it off Thursday with a live show from the Whitefish Lake Lodge, and wrap things up Friday from Columbia Falls.

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