The Montana Supreme Court has reversed a lower court decision ordering Colstrip to pay former police chief Larry Reinlasoder over $287,000 in damages for wrongful termination.  The high court reversed a May 2015 Yellowstone County jury verdict and sided with the city of Colstrip, saying that it had good cause for firing the former chief for misconduct.
An profane, inappropriate emailed text, which was attached to a picture of Santa Claus, was one of many instances of misconduct cited by the Montana Supreme Court.  Reinlasoder also lied on his job application for the position.  This and another email containing pornographic pictures of men and women sexually engaged, led the Supreme Court to determined the City of Colstrip was justified in firing the former police chief.
The testimony of a female dispatcher that Reinlasoder asked if she wanted him to send her porn also contributed to the court’s reversal.