Montana Teachers Union Spending $800K Against Gun Rights
Why is the union that is supposed to represent Montana school teachers spending $800,000 to campaign against a referendum on the ballot this November? Does it involve teacher pay? Would it take away the pensions of teachers or public employees? Nope. The teachers union is spending $800,000 to campai…
NRA: Steve Bullock and His Flip Flopping
Over the past few weeks, I had at least two mailers in my mailbox from liberal Gov. Steve Bullock's campaign where he pretends to support our 2nd Amendment rights. Anyone who has remotely followed the governors public remarks over the last couple years would let out an audible laugh immediately…
NRA: 3D Printed Guns Are Already Illegal
If you've been following the latest sensational news story in the national media regarding 3D printed guns, you might be interested in this story from The Daily Caller. Plus, this whole debate really seems to have more to do with the 1st Amendment rather than the 2nd Amendment.

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