While gas prices spike across the United States, Montana is bucking the trend.

"To the benefit of motorists, Montana was one of the few states, in fact, one of just ten lucky states that saw a decline in gas prices over the past week," said Gasbuddy.com Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan. "along with a few other areas, like California, Idaho and Nevada, it's certainly bucking the trend, the National Average rose by about three cents while Montana's price dropped by a few tenths of a percent."

Dehaan says Montana can expect prices to begin to climb soon as oil prices rise.

"Be prepared for an eventual return to higher prices as crude oil has jumped again today by about two dollars a barrel to close at its highest since the summer of 2015," DeHaan said. "OPEC certainly agreed to cut production, that made news last week and drove oil prices up by 10 percent, but over the weekend another production cut was agreed to, this time by some non-OPEC countries, led by Russia."

The average price of gas in Montana is around $2.16, which is about five cents cheaper than the national average.