Missoula police have been asked by family members to help find a woman that has been missing for over a month.

"Recently, this lady's family has contacted the police department for help in potentially locating their family member," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "She is identified as 41-year-old Jessica Brooks and she appears to be an on-again, off-again Missoula resident. Her family has not heard from her since a Facebook message on November 6."

Although police are helping with the search, there isn't any evidence yet of foul play, however, the family is worried that something malicious may have happened.

"We have no direct knowledge that something bad has happened to her, but the family is concerned because they haven't heard from her since November 6, and that's unusual," said Welsh, who went on to give a brief description of Jessica. "She's a white female, 5'7" about 120 pounds. She has green eyes and blonde hair, but it has been brown in the past."

Anyone with information about Brooks is asked to call Lt. Jake Rosling at (406) 552-6641. If anyone makes contact with Jessica, please tell her to call her family as they are very worried.