Missoula Police are searching for information about not one, but two robberies at the same casino.

In the past week, Lucky Lils on North Reserve was robbed twice, the first robbery occurred on May 2, when a man walked into the casino around 4:00 a.m. and forced the employees and one customer into the bathroom at gunpoint. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer, Travis Welsh, a similar scenario occurred again Sunday morning around 6:00 a.m.

“They did get an undisclosed amount of money and then placed two employees and a customer into the restroom and told them not to come out," Welsh said. "They attempted to prevent the door from opening again with some sort of tie, which the employees were able to defeat after about ten or 15 minutes, after which they called law enforcement.”

It does not appear that the victims suffered any injuries during the robbery. The biggest difference between the robberies is that this time, two men were involved.

“The first one was male, he was dressed all in black: that being a black, scarf, stocking cap, gloves. He was carrying some type of blue bag. He was described as being 5’6”, medium build. The second suspect was also about the same size, he was also wearing a dark coat, a black-and-white bandanna across his face and a hat, possibly a baseball cap.”

The man with a blue bag was said to have been carrying a large silver handgun, while the other man had a black handgun Police are searching for video evidence from the robbery. The image included in this post (below) is actually footage from the first robbery, which may not be directly related to the second.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Police