Effort Underway to Get Kanye West on the Ballot in Montana
I was sitting in my car outside of a store in Billings on Sunday afternoon, and I spotted a couple guys with clipboards getting signatures from people walking in. What in the world are these guys collecting signatures for? Is it the marijuana legalization thing again? Nah, it can't be that beca…
A Sales Tax is Going Nowhere, Let's Stop Taxing Social Security
Montana is one of just a handful of states that actually taxes your social security benefits. A bill to reduce taxes on your social security benefits was carried by State Sen. Dave Howard (R-Park City). It actually passed both the state house and the state senate, but was vetoed by Cooney's run…
A List of Companies Looking to Hire Veterans
Last week we told you about the most underused veterans benefit in Montana, according to the VA. This week, a feature shared by the Military Times caught my eye. It's a list showing several companies who specifically want to hire veterans.

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