Montana Democrats now know who they’ll be sending to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month to pick the party’s nominee for President.

"We have ten Hillary Clinton delegates and eleven Bernie Sanders delegates heading to the national convention," said Montana Democrats Communications Director Kirsten Cates. "There were a couple little hiccups that happened [at the delegate selection], but that happens when you have 250 people in a room that are passionate about two different candidates, but overall, it went really smoothly."

Sanders may have the edge when it comes to support from the pledged delegates, but Montana is also sending some superdelegates, who could easily swing the state’s vote toward Hillary Clinton.

Missoula County is sending the largest number of delegates including Carol Williams, Teresa Jacobs, Bill Geer, Stacie Anderson, Anita Green, and Steve Wells, but there are no Missoula superdelegates this year.

Below is the full list of delegates for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as well as the superdelegates who can cast a vote for whomever they choose.

Clinton Eastern MT delegates:
Wanda Grinde, Billings
Carl Donovan, Great Falls
Monica Robinson, Bozeman

Clinton Western MT delegates:
George Kipp III, Heart Butte
Nick Lockridge, Helena
Carol Williams, Missoula
Caryn Kallay, CSKT

Clinton at-large delegates:
Barnett G. Sporkin-Morrison, Choteau
Stacie Anderson, Missoula

Clinton PLEO (party leader/elected official)
Christine Kaufmann, Helena

Sanders Eastern MT delegates:
Jennifer Merecki, Billings
Sue Frazier, Manhattan
Alex Lei, Bozeman
Andy Boyd, Bozeman

Sanders Western MT delegates:
Donovan Hawk, Butte
Teresa Jacobs, Missoula
Bill Geer, Lolo
Debbie Orozco, Arlee

Sanders at-large delegates:
Sharon Peregoy, Crow Agency
Anita Green, Missoula

Sanders PLEO (party leader/elected official)
Steve Wells, Missoula

Jorge Quintana, Helena, national committeeman
Jean Lemire Dahlman, Forsyth, national committeewoman
Jim Larson, Billings, party chairman
Jacquie Helt, Helena, vice party chairwoman
Gov. Steve Bullock
U.S. Sen. Jon Tester