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When Mark Wilson and Paul Mushaben (The Breakfast Flakes) heard that Phillips 66 was donating $50,000 towards the purchase of body cameras for the Billings Police Department, they decided to step up and help our local law enforcement.

Less than two weeks ago, Mark are Paul announced they would be donating $5,000 from their Flakesgiving Foundation for the BPD body cameras, and challenged local businesses, and their loyal family of listeners, to show support with a financial gift.

The Breakfast Flakes were humbled, but not surprised by the response from our community. "The money for police body-cams has really started to roll in and it will be a big day for us," said Paul Mushaben. "We hope to give them a major boost for the $131,000 cost of the cams."

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Today (Monday 8/24), as listeners continued to drop off money, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John stopped by the Cat Country 102.9 studios to be presented with a check from the Flakesgiving Foundation.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

As of 8 a.m. on Monday, August 24 a total of $44,500 had been collected from Cat Country 102.9 listeners, local businesses, and the Flakesgiving Foundation, for the Billings Police Department body cameras.

"Holy Cow," said Billings Police Chief St. John. "Incredibly generous, can't thank you guys and the community enough, just unbelievable," said St. John.

The Breakfast Flakes then made the decision, live on the air, that they would round that amount up a bit. "Since Phillips 66 gave $50,000, we will cut you a check for $50,000 and one dollar," said Paul Mushaben.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Brandon Wittman from the Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative also stopped by the show with a $10,000 donation towards the $131,000 needed to purchase the body cameras for the Billings Police Department.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

CLICK HERE for the Breakfast Flakes PODCAST, where you can listen to Mark and Paul present Billings PD Chief St. John with the check, and discuss the Public Safety mill levy. 

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