Timing is Everything
Picking a day to host a garage sale goes a long way to determining how profitable your sales will be. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind.
Montana Woman Fights for Wounded First Responders
Even with his lights on and siren blaring, a car T-boned him at 50 miles an hour. The impact threw him into a nearby ditch and caused a brain injury, broken ribs, a fractured skull and kidney, a crushed leg, collapsed lung, perforated diaphragm and — the most critical — a transected ao…
Montana Talks Now LIVE in Helena on KCAP FM!
As an Iraq and Afghan veteran I am particularly honored to be on the airwaves in Helena- home to the storied Fort Harrison and so many great military service men and women, says Flint. It's also very exciting to partner up with a strong locally-owned company like the Montana Radio Company and k…
Vote for Montana Travel Company in USA Today Poll
Their next trip: hiking with gorillas in the Rwandan mountainside. Austin Adventures is a world-renowned, family-owned travel company based right here in Montana, and now they are beating out some major companies like REI.
Voting is currently underway in USA Today's "10 Best" competition fo…

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