Flint's Reactions During Pence-Harris VP Debate
Condescending. That's what turned off the undecided voters Frank Lutz was speaking with after Wednesday night's debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris. They were talking about the condescending demeanor of California Senator Kamala Harris.
They Attacked the Red Rooster, Now They're Eating Crow
They attacked the Red Rooster in Hamilton, and now they're eating crow. Or they should be at least. The Red Rooster Artisan Bakery in Hamilton, Montana got attacked by someone who visited their bakery, and didn't like the fact that the people inside the business CHOSE not to wear masks.
Manhattan, Montana Lands Its Own "Trumptana" Store
I'm sure this news has already made some heads explode in Bozeman. A pro-Trump store is now open in Manhattan, Montana. We got a note from one of our listeners, Bob Larson, who recently checked out the new "Trumptana" store in Manhattan. He says the store has a lot of pro Trump gear t…

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