Woman Defrauds Kmart
Prosecutors said Mahone made 56 fraudulent transactions at stores in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.
More Kmart Closures in Montana
As expected, in the ever-shrinking landscape of big box retail stores, Kmarts in Glendive and Great Falls will close in October, as part of the latest round of cutbacks for the parent company of the now-struggling retail giant.  Sears Holding Company, which owns Kmart, announced Friday they pla…
What Business Would You Like To See In Place Of K-Mart?
By now, most residents have heard the news that K-Mart will be closing. Given the typical emptiness of the parking lot, it's not exactly shocking news. Whenever a business closes shop, I always think of the employees and what it's like for them knowing the end is coming in a matter of week…
Billings' Kmart Will Close In July
Earlier this year Sears Holdings said it had plans to close a large number of stores nationwide that were non-profitable. Unfortunately those stores were announced on Thursday (April 21st) and Billings is one of those store locations.
Kmart at 2424 Central Ave will join a list of other Kmart stores a…