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Pols Talk Mental Health
Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school has most of Montana’s congressional delegation and 2018 federal candidates speaking about mental health reform, but few supporting any kind of gun control. The 19-year-old Florida gunman– with a legally purchased semiautomatic assault rifle– killed 17 people Wednesday at a Broward County high school...
Monday on "Montana Talks"
Why the US government and a mom from Kalispell are telling you NOT to use a cell phone made by this Chinese company. Plus, we'll cover the 6 common media myths about gun control. Steve Moore joins us from The Heritage Foundation. And we'll check in with Love INC in Billings.
City Council Committee Votes To Move Forward With Background Check Ordinance – City Attorney Says ‘Shouldn’t Be Intimidated By Threat of Litigation’
In a 10-2 vote of the Committee on Public Safety and Health, the Missoula City Council has voted to move forward with a controversial ordinance to insure that 'no sale or transfer of a firearm shall take place within the city limits unless and until the person purchasing or otherwise receiving the firearm passes a national instant criminal background check.'
Online Gun Sales Soar
President Obama's emotional speech announcing proposed executive actions on gun control have had the opposite effect, with gun sales through a Missoula dealer mushrooming online.

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