Montana Court Sides with Nurses
The Montana Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision Friday, upheld the lower court’s ruling, saying medical providers have standing to challenge laws that affect their patients.
Health Providers Sue State
MTN News reports another group of health-care providers to several poor and low-income consumers have sued the Bullock administration over 2018 state budget cuts, asking a judge to void the cuts and order them restored. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, takes aim at cuts to services for the mentally ill a…
Coroner’s Inquest
Q2 reports that Billings police officers testified Wednesday in the ongoing coroner’s inquest regarding the deadly standoff at Big Bear Sports Center in November, resulting in the death of Frank Half Jr. on November 4th. Officers testified that Half’s death was preventable, his hostility and noncomp…
Rimrock Mall Shooting Suspect Appears in Court
A suspect in the shooting at the Rimrock Mall parking lot appeared in court on Tuesday.  23-year-old Bryan Travis Antelope is facing six felony and two misdemeanor counts that include assault with a weapon, tampering with evidence, criminal endangerment and criminal mischief...

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