General advice on skin care says you should wash your face at the end of the day and use moisturizer. A healthy skin care regimen customized to your skin's needs, however, is a bit more involved. Skin problems can occur because you're using too many products or because you're not using enough of them.

To care for the largest organ in the body, professionals like the medical team at Montana Medical Aesthetics can customize a skin care approach that helps you put your best, healthiest face forward.

We asked the experts at Montana Medical Aesthetics about what advice they had for good skin care and they said while there are simple things you can do, you should really leave it to the professionals:

A reputable Esthetician will look at your skin and your lifestyle and pair up the best products and procedures to make your skin feel healthy and look vibrant. They will steer you away from products that won’t work and waste money.  And a good esthetician can tell you what procedures will get you the results you want, and how many procedures you’ll need, based on your skin, your age and/or your situation.

You can start taking better care of your skin today by considering these five skin irritants or bad habits that might be hurting your skin. Then, call the experts at Montana Medical Aesthetics at 406-969-6622 to schedule a consultation.

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    Most often people skimp or skip it completely and sun damage wreaks havoc on skin. Not only can the sun make skin age faster, but as many people know, it can lead to skin cancer.

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    Harsh Chemicals

    Just as you would read the ingredient label on a food item at the grocery store, it's worth looking at the ingredients on your skin care products, too. Many of the chemicals included in exfoliants and scrubs are too harsh for the skin and cause more damage than good.

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    Popping and Picking

    Your skin is fragile! Stop it!

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    Over-the Counter or Multi-Level Marketing Tools and Trends

    There is no magic pore sucker to rid your skin of impurities, and usually, products that do claim such benefits cause more damage to your skin. Tools cause inflammation and scarring and can change the pigmentation of your skin. Tools should only be used by aestheticians or dermatologists.

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    Dirty Surfaces

    When was the last time you changed your washcloth? Your pillowcase? When was the last time you cleaned the screen of your phone? Your face comes in contact with more surfaces than you might think, and if those surfaces aren't clean, you're potentially transferring dirt and bacteria to your face.