Not In Our Town Billings held a gathering of remembrance at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church on Sunday, in the wake of last week's devastating violence.   Attended by nearly 50 people, they sang patriotic hymns, lit candles and shared why they believe it’s important for the community to come together after mourning the violence.

The gathering was organized following last week’s killings of a pair of African-Americans, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile near St. Paul, Minn.  Those killings were followed by the shooting of five police officers in Dallas by a former US Army soldier who was killed by police with a robot armed with a bomb.

Organizer Fitzgerald Clark told the gathering that justice and love are inexorably combined, and that belief and prayer without action aren’t enough.  People shooting up police and preschools, mosques and Bible studies in churches, and people aren’t being held accountable.