Missoula may feel cold now, but according to Missoula based National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Kittsmiller, temperatures aren't even close to breaking the all time coldest day record.

"In Missoula the absolute coldest that we've had had is negative 33," Kittsmiller said. "That's the all-time record coldest temperature ever recorded here."

Missoula got down to negative 33 in January 1957, but the chill has been relaxed in recent years.

"We haven't seen any of those drastic lows for a long time," Kittsmiller said. "When we get back to 2004 we see start seeing some of those negative 20's coming in. For reference, 2005 was the last time we were negative 15 and then when you go to 2004 we were negative 23. So in recent history negative 23 is the coldest we've been."

The record lows usually come in January and February, so to have cold temperatures well below zero in December is notable. On Friday, temperatures got down to negative 12, and a record could be broken for this time of the year if the mercury drops below negative 16 on Saturday, December 7.