Members of a condominium complex near the Poverello Center in Missoula are requesting some assistance from law enforcement. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“They have been seeing a lot more transient or homeless people on the property causing them concerns for not only trespass, but potential break in or assaults of some type,” said Welsh. “As a result of that, we have reemphasized our efforts to provide extra control around those areas.”

The home owner’s association at the complex decided to voice their concerns to Missoula City Council. According to Welsh, the number of complaint calls has risen in the past two years.

“We have about 40 calls to this particular area since the new Poverello opened in December 2014,” Welsh said. “10 of those calls appear to be transient or homeless population related. It is more prevalent on the North side of town because that is typically where our transient population hangs out.”

The Missoula Police Department has tasked two specific officers with increasing their presence near that area and surrounding areas as well.