A 23 year-old Missoula man, Jonathan Lamphere, was in justice court on Wednesday to face charges that he allegedly assaulted a nine year-old girl in July of 2015.

According to court documents, Lamphere was babysitting his nieces, including the victim and her older sister, when he ordered the older sister to hold the victim down while he tied her hands to her ankles with rope, then blindfolded her. The victim said the ropes hurt. He then carried the victim into a bedroom where he ordered her to stick out her tongue. When she refused, he reached into her mouth and forced out her tongue. The victim described that he put 'gross things' on her tongue.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brian Lowney said the defendant was the victim's uncle.

"He tied the victim up and took her to his room while she was tied up and then blindfolded her," Lowney said. "He placed some things in her mouth, including some candle wax and baby soap, and lastly put his finger down the victim's throat and she reported that it hurt. She said it hurt when he tied her up and it hurt when he placed things on her mouth, so Mr. Lamphere is charged with felony assault on a minor."

Lowney asked Judge Marie Anderson that Lamphere's bail be the amount on his arrest warrant of $25,000. Judge Anderson, after hearing that Lamphere was on SSI and did not have a job, set bail at $20,000. He remains in the Missoula County Jail, where his next court appearance will be September 7.