Paul Mushaben

Can We Stop Caravans Without Border Wall?
The migrant caravan continues to get closer to our border. Any way you look at it, it must be stopped, preferably in Mexico. Our country cannot let an invasion of 10,000 people cross our border and overrun a city here. This would be a good time to ask Jon Tester if he thinks they need to be stopped.…
Shoot the Does [Opinion]
Antelope season starts this weekend. Do everyone a favor and shoot the does.
How are we ever going to eradicate this varmint. if we keep shooting the bucks? Get rid of the females and it's easier to control the population.
Shoot the buck and the next horny devil just steps in and takes over.…
How Old is Too Old to Drive?
How old is too old to drive? I dealt with that this past weekend when I went home to visit my 93-year-old dad and 86-year-old mother. Both think they are better than the other.
One cant see; the other can't hear.
The truth is that they are both a threat to the human race but they are still licens…
Who Deserves Bank Loans?
Governor Steve Bullock was in Billings on Wednesday promoting a new program that was tucked into the current-year budget, The Native American collateral support program.
He said, "It's unacceptable that an entrepreneur from Lame Deer can't realize his dream because he struggles to …