Livingston's City Manager Ed Meece has officially declared a state of emergency in Laurel.The Billings Gazette reports that the town went from negative temperatures to temperatures in the 40s. This rapid change in temperature has resulted in the flood of both Fleshman Creek and the Livingston Irrigation Ditch.  According to Meece, "From Park Street to the Yellowstone River on Ninth Street to 12th Street, we have high water."

Almost 70 people from homes on the North Ninth Street have already been evacuated, and temporary barriers have been set up by volunteers to try and keep the incoming water back.

The Montana Red Cross has opened an overnight shelter in Livingston for people being evacuated.

The shelter is located in the Livingston Civic Center, at 229 River Drive.

For Livingston residents looking for updates on flooding, they can call: (406) 223-0165 or check the Facebook page: