The B Tones "Singing Valentines" Hit the Street
If you're looking for a last minute Valentines Day idea- The B Tones are hitting the streets of Billings with their "singing Valentines." For only $40 they'll deliver a card, a rose, and a serenade sure to impress that special someone.
Congressman Blasts Patagonia for Hypocrisy
Are the big business folks running Patagonia nothing more than hypocrites on the environment? That's what Utah Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) had to say on Capitol Hill, making the point that Patagonia is having their products made overseas, by companies that are powered by coal.
Tinder....for Cows?
Have you heard of the dating app Tinder? Swipe right if you'd want to date the person, swipe left if you don't. Or something like that. Well, apparently someone has now developed Tinder...for cows.
The Not So Green...Green New Deal
You may as well call it the "not so green" new deal. Let's say we go with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "Green New Deal" much more mining would need to be done just to have enough of the rare earth metals to pull this off?

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