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Group Stranded Overnight
Thirteen people stranded in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness remained in a spot near Gibson Dam overnight, with rescue operations to resume today. Captain Brent Colbert of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office said helicopter rescuers from Whitefish will fly in…
MT Revenue Rebound Could Restore Cuts
Q2 reports that a rebound in Montana’s tax revenue could lead to reversing $46 million in state budget cuts later this year, according to a legislative report. However, lawmakers said on Monday that the final budget picture won’t be clear until next month...
MT Stockgrowers President Talks Trump, Trade & Fires
Mussard says he is very confident with the Trump Administration on trade. He described the improved working relationship with the Trump Administration, compared to the Obama Administrationn as a night and day difference. "We went from sludge to oil," added Mussard.
50,000 Montanans Still Buying Obamacare
MTN reports, for the 50,000 Montanans still buying health insurance in the federal “marketplace” known as Obamacare, rates for 2019 policies may be going up just slightly or not at all. Federal subsidies likely will continue to offset costs for the majority of Montanans b…

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