Billings Man Claims Assault
The Billings Gazette reports that a man said he was mugged while entering the Heights Walmart earlier this month, but police say there’s little evidence to back that story up.
On Feb. 2, the unidentified Billings man returned home and told his neighbor he had his wallet stolen by a pa…
Walmart Apologizes to MSU Professor
KTVQ Billings reports that Walmart has issued an official apology to Montana State University professor Dr. Gilbert Kalonde for racism he suffered at the hands of a Montana Walmart employee in 2016. The ACLU of Montana filed a lawsuit on the professor’s behalf after the employee manually listed “CL…
Smiley Was At Heights Walmart
Well this was a first for my family and I. Something I have never seen in any Walmart in the country.
As we walked into the store this weekend, "Smiley" the Walmart mascot was roaming the store. I didn't even know they had a mascot roaming the stores these days...
Little Girls Need Modesty [Opinion]
We live in a day and age where flaunting what you have has become an acceptable behavior. Anymore it seems the more the merrier when showing a little or a lot of skin.
I know what I am about to say will not be a popular thing but in my eyes the respect of one's body should be important...
Credit Card Chips Create Havoc
Months ago, my bank updated our debit cards with the new chip on them. Everything should be fine and dandy but this has caused more problems than good.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have been to Wal-Mart in the Heights and gone to pay for my merchandise and had my card dec…
The Planned Parenthood Debate
The dreaded Planned Parenthood, the evil empire that is all about killing babies, right? I think there is much more of a story to Planned Parenthood than just abortion services.

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