Congratulations, You Are Rich!
When discussing the Montana tax policy with Dan Fuchs, our Daniel Zolnikov gave the minimum individual net annual income for the top bracket of 6.9%. And the figure just leaped out to me.
Taxes Raised on Hotels
Besides the tax and marijuana measures, lawmakers kept alive bills dealing with prescription drug pricing, retaliation complaints against Child and Family Services.
Montana Discontinues Free Online Tax Filing
Another consequence of Montana’s severe budget cuts is that the state’s Department of Revenue has discontinued an online service that allowed Montanans to file individual income taxes for free. Q2 reports that the state is now directing taxpayers to a nonprofit coalition of tax software companies th…
Montana Senators on Tax Bill
Montana’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester has said he couldn’t support President Donald Trump’s tax bill, because of the debt it passes on to future generations, saying in an email [quote] “The Senate bill as currently drafted saddles our kids and grand kids with more cru…

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