Flint: If She Ain't Woke...I Must Be Sleeping Beauty
If an LGBT-Q, liberal, Democrat, native woman isn't woke enough for the Seattle I must be Sleeping Beauty. As The Seattle Times reported back in October, Juneau has been under fire from the NAACP for "exacerbating racism" in the Seattle public schools.
Now They Want to Pull Police from the Schools?
Now they're trying to kick school resource officers out of the schools. These people are insane. And as John Jackson was quick to point out via Twitter, they're not just trying to kick school resource officers, they're already doing it.
A Look Inside Boeing Test Site Near Glasgow, Montana
For those who've never seen it, check out this story that a Seattle TV station did. The story not only features the uniqueness of St. Marie, it also gives you an inside-the-cockpit look at how Boeing is testing some of their latest safety technology in Northeast Montana.
Firefighters Do Billings Proud
Our hats are off to our friends at Billings' Fire Department and Billings' Airport Fire for a job well done in Seattle. A crew of 13 firefighters between the two departments recently competed for a good cause. They participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in support of fighting leukemia...
Firefighters Train for Seattle
It's that time of year once,  again. The Billings Fire Department and Billings Airport Fire are preparing to fly to Seattle for a great cause. They call it the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb. Billings firefighters, along with many others in Montana and the country will compete in this stair climb to raise money to fight  leukemia and lymphoma...
Seattle Nonprofit Teaches Life Skills With Cooking
SEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle nonprofit that uses cooking to teach life skills to the homeless and people who have struggled with alcohol and addiction turns 20 this year. Since its start in 1992, FareStart students have cooked millions of meals for shelters, senior centers and daycares...