St. Francis Closing After 99 years
St. Francis Catholic School students will be moving into a new building in the fall, but they– along with many alumni from the 99 year history of the Fratt Building– took fond memories with them as they moved on Wednesday night. KTVQ...
Work Stress Can be Deadly
I'm just as stressed as the next college senior, but work stress can add a lot to an individual's plate. A new study by Harvard Business School as well as Stanford University shows that workplace stress can be just as harmful as secondhand smoke.
Montana's Mandatory Chicken Pox Vaccination [Opinion]
Yesterday I took my daughter to the doctor to get some vaccinations she needed for school. The nurse that checked us in pulled up my kid's records and said, "Oh, she's missing her chicken pox vaccination." I know I'm late to the party on this one, but this was news t…

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