Billings Lawyer Tried To Use Position To Avoid DUI
A Billings lawyer reportedly tried to use her position with the state to get out of a DUI arrest.  Michele Lynn Braukmann faces charges of criminal child endangerment, possession of an open alcohol container and operating a vehicle without proper registration...
How Drunk is Billings?
Roadsnacks recently published a list of the Ten Drunkest Cities In Montana and, not surprisingly, Billings ranked pretty high.
The list is not based on criminal data or alcohol sales, but rather these five criteria:

Bars per capita
Wineries per capita
Liquor stores per capita
Drunk related tweets within …
Raccoon passes breathalyzer
Most Montanans are smart enough not to drink and drive, but statewide the statistics are grim. Anytime we have a story involving a drunken driver injuring or killing someone, many residents speak up and demand the maximum punishment possible...