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Manhattan, Montana Lands Its Own "Trumptana" Store
I'm sure this news has already made some heads explode in Bozeman. A pro-Trump store is now open in Manhattan, Montana. We got a note from one of our listeners, Bob Larson, who recently checked out the new "Trumptana" store in Manhattan. He says the store has a lot of pro Trump gear t…
What To Expect On The Final Night Of The RNC
Thursday night will be the final night of the Republican National Convention of 2020. The event gets started this evening at 7:30 p.m. CT and will wrap up around 10 p.m. CT.
So far viewers have heard from a number of speakers including Vice President Mike Pence last night...
Trump Campaign Now Selling 2020 Masks
I really can't believe it took them this long!
For a while now, you've been able to find "unofficial" Trump campaign masks on places like Amazon and Etsy. Some Trump supporters have purchased the masks as a form of protest or just to show everyone who they support for Pres…

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