Photo Courtesy of Julie Green

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation pulled in a near-record-setting $1,024,000 for St. Vincent Healthcare’s new renovation in the intensive care unit at the 37th Annual SAINTS Ball.

“The St. Vincent and Billings community is always generous to the needs of our patients,” Dennis Sulser, president and CEO of St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, said in a prepared statement. “The renovation of our ICU will be a gift to this generation that will prove to change outcomes and results long into the future."

With more than 1,000 attendees, SAINTS 2015 seats were sold out at the Saturday night fundraiser.Proceeds will go toward creating a beautiful, healing environment for trauma patients or those in critical condition that need immediate help, according to a news release.

According to current plans, the new St. Vincent ICU renovation will consist of modernization of intensive care patient rooms, advanced technology, family friendly waiting areas, and decentralized nurse’s stations.  The newly transformed ICU will allow patients to recover in expanded private rooms where loved ones can join them during the most challenging of times.