43-year-old Joseph Thomas Whitewolf was sentenced to 15 years in the Montana State Prison on Monday, with an additional 15 years of supervision after his psychosexual evaluation indicated he would offend again.  Whitewolf was also designated a level two sexual offender.  Judge Gregory Todd said it was unusual to have such a strong recommendation for incarceration.



At the sentencing, Senior Deputy County Attorney Mary Barry read excerpts from a state evaluation of Whitewolf, who said a sexual encounter can only be called rape if “the person or child fights back the entire time.”  Whitewolf’s lack of remorse or understanding of his wrongdoing makes him a risk to hurt another child in the future.  In addition to incarceration, Whitewolf must complete two phases of sex offender treatment in prison prior to his release.  Whitewolf raped the child while her mother wasn’t home, but she managed to escape and report the crime.