25-year-old Clayton Denny is recovering in Billings after he was assaulted on the street in Sheridan, Wyoming last week.
He was out on May 7 in Sheridan, where he works as an exercise coach and trainer.  The former US Marine stopped at the Beaver Creek Saloon.  He exchanged words with two men, and the next thing he remembers was the blood pool on the ground.
Prosecutors say that Jacob Olson and Dylan Dygert jumped Denny.  The two have been charged with aggravated assault and battery, and are awaiting arraignment.  Denny, who is half African American, half Chippewa Cree, heard racial epithets shouted during the ordeal.  He suffered a fractured orbital bone.

On Monday, Denny was in Billings for surgery and staying with friends.  Denny said that he and his girlfriend Annie Shaver plan to move here.  He lived and worked here before, and he’ll be finishing his degree in health and human performance at MSU Billings.