Greg Gianforte has contributed another million and a half dollars to his own gubernatorial campaign.  The Republican nominee for Montana governor continues to pour his own money into the race against Gov. Steve Bullock, donating $1.5 million to his campaign last month, according to campaign finance reports filed on Monday.
The Bozeman businessman, who made his $1.8 billion fortune selling RightNow Technologies to Oracle in 2011, has donated more than $3.1 million of his own money to the campaign since the primaries, fueling claims that he’s trying to buy the election.  Over $1.36 million of that money went into media buys between the end of August and the end of September.  Bullock spent less than a third of what Gianforte did on ad buys last month, according to his campaign finance report.  Outside groups on both sides are also clogging the airwaves with ads in support of their candidates.