Two people were arrested Tuesday night after abandoning a still-moving stolen vehicle in a neighborhood near Grand Avenue.  A police chase began after Billings Police received report of a disturbance believed to be related to an attempt to sell the vehicle.  According to Billings Police Sgt. Jason Gartner, one of the four people later seen abandoning the stolen Dodge truck had displayed a gun after a disagreement arose around 8 p.m. on Rimrock Road.
After the BPD attempted to stop the vehicle, which was reportedly stolen out of Frazer on June 7, the suspects briefly fled down 13th Street West and abandoned the vehicle blocks later.  Gartner said the individuals fled on foot and an officer quickly found one of the suspects in plain sight outside an apartment on 12th St. West.  The three other suspects were found inside that location where one of the suspected is believed to live.