DOC Report on Women in Prison
A 2017 Montana Corrections report revealed that seven out of 10 women, compared to three out of 10 men, are locked up for nonviolent crimes.  Since 2008, the number of women in prison has grown 34 percent.  The rate of incarceration for men has increased 8 percent...
Is “Ma’am” Insulting To Women These Days?
Yesterday a lady and I got on the elevator together here at the Crowne Plaza. We had a bit of time to small talk one another on our 19-floor journey.
She asked me if I had any plans for Labor Day. I replied, "No Ma'am, not yet." The expression on her face went from friendly wit…
Montana Ranked 16th For Women’s Equality
The power and influence of women in America has grown exponentially over the years ever since the introduction of the 19th Amendment. But even still, many women are not treated fairly, let alone equal to their male counterparts.
Which state in America is considered best for women's equality? Hin…

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