Matt Rosendale

AP Confirms: Tester #1 in Lobbyist Cash
Republicans contend that over his two terms, Tester became enmeshed in the same corrupt Washington establishment that he promised as a candidate to fight. Asked about the allegation that he's the top recipient of lobbyist cash, Tester initially responded, "That's bull."
Trump Rally in Billings
President Donald Trump continued his attacks on Montana’s incumbent Democratic Sen. Jon Tester– as well as unidentified critics inside his own administration who seek to undermine his agenda, saying at a rally Thursday night in Billings that a New York Times op-ed “backfired,” and called on the pape…
BPD Prepares for Trump Visit
President Donald Trump is coming to Billings on Thursday, and Q2 reports that Police Chief Rich St. John anticipates it will be all hands on deck for the BPD, in preparation for Trump’s rally at MetraPark. St. John said that while resources will be focused on the president&CloseCurly…

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