Klassy’s Defense of Havre Border Patrol Agent
Havre, Montana showed up on Fox News, CNN, and in the Washington Post earlier this week. This, after a border patrol agent on the Hi-Line Montana town questioned two women at a gas station who he overheard speaking Spanish. (KTVH-TV in Helena was first to report this story)
The charges of "racia…
Now That We Know Who Had Sex With Who…
If you were willing to file a lawsuit to find out which Billings police officers had sex on the job (or on city property), why not file a lawsuit to find out why $3 million in state settlements have been paid out by state government?
Bret Baier on Montana Talks: Three Days in Moscow
In the last chapter of his book, Bret looks at the foreign policy of Donald Trump compared to Ronald Reagan. On "Montana Talks," he said, "I'm not saying that President Trump is President Reagan, but there are similarities in the world they face."

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