What's going on?

Ode to a Son
As a dad, you always hope and pray that your son(s) turn out to be a better man than you are.
My son Jake has already proven that at a young age. His work ethic and persistence has finally rewarded him with an admission to medical school...
The Downside of My Job
I'm thinking ahead to political advertising season. Hate it. Absolutely hate everything about it.
Boycott Boston [Opinion]
If you don't think Boston should dictate your moral beliefs then don't buy their concert tickets. Show them we still think women and children matter.
Give Parents Choice in Schools
People should have the right to send their kids to the school of their choice and have those dollars follow them.
Homeless Youth Get Attention
On Saturday, April 23rd, at the Red Door, the Parrot Heads of Billings will be holding a fundraiser to benefit the Tumbleweed Foundations of Billings.
Background Checks Are Vital
Look, would you put your kids in a day care center where an employee had a child pornography conviction 10 years ago?
Who's Going to Pay the Bill?
This morning we had gubernatorial. candidate Greg Gianforte on the show and I asked him what we are going to do about our $4 billion shortfall in the state retirement system.
Do Bad Parkers Bother You?
I'm a little older and a little wiser now. So I tend to not drive as fast or as recklessly as I once did. And that''s why the folks that still do amuse me.
Mayor Could Build Public Trust
How could the mayor who is a former Billings policeman not be jumping up and down demanding this for the force?
Read My Lips: 'No More Taxes'
I had my tax appointment yesterday. And though I'm fairly aware of what I pay in taxes every year, this day always makes me mad.
It's OK to Worry, Right?
You take it for granted most of the time, but every time the wind speeds reach about 40 mph, we feel the sway of this place.