The parents of a 5-month-old baby, taken to the hospital emergency room last year with a broken leg and fractured ribs, are facing charges of child abuse.  22-year-old Andrew Lewis McClure and 23-year-old Brianna Lynn McClure are each charged with two counts of child abuse and separate counts of child abuse by accountability if it’s discovered one of the two was the direct cause of their baby’s devastating injuries.
The McClures appeared from jail Wednesday in Yellowstone County Justice Court.  Each is being held in place of a $25,000 bond.  They brought the child to Billings Clinic in July 2015.  A radiologist at the clinic said the baby had a broken femur, also healing rib fractures.  Both parents deny any allegation of abuse, but Andrew McClure told police he might have broken the child’s leg when he was trying to get the baby out of his crib.