This Memorial Day weekend, park rangers at Yellowstone National Park are preparing for a big crowd, according to Public Information Officer Bethany Gassman.

"In April of this year Yellowstone saw a 27 percent increase of our total number of recreational visits from last year in 2015," Gassman said. "At our visitor center just in the first week of May alone saw a 12 percent increase over that of 2015. So its safe to say we're expecting our numbers to increase in growth."

However with the large crowd expected, Gassman said that the park will have safety and traffic checkpoints throughout. The stops will be conducted with local law enforcement and park rangers.

"The goal of the checkpoints for motor vehicles is to identify and correct any safety and traffic violations that might be occurring," Gassman said. "The ranger will remind motorists to be alert for the presence of wildlife on or alongside the roadways and hopefully we wont find any calves in the vehicle."

Gassman said officials will check drivers awareness as well as the vehicles maintenance.