I can honestly tell you that this year has been a little tougher than normal when it comes to making Christmas happen for my family. A new baby in the loop, adding to the numbers and with prices that seem to be going up and up, it was a little harder to swallow that bill this year.

We as parents would do anything to make this holiday happen for our children and I am no different when it comes to that, especially when they are such good kids.

This year has come at a bit of a surprise for our country though. With rising costs and a struggling economy, there were those that thought 2015 wouldn't be a good year for retailers.

Although, according to The Harris Poll, there are those that really want to take care of their kids and even their pets this Christmas.

How are you when it comes to this? Do you go to the ends of the world to make sure your loved ones have a nice Christmas? In what ways do you make this happen? Do you believe this has been a good year for shopping?

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