Many states in the U.S. are contemplating at a ban on wearable tech, notably the upcoming wearable computing device Google Glass. Will Montana be one of them?

Wyoming State senator, Floyd Esquibel has crafted a bill hoping to emphasize the importance of keeping drivers eye on the road. He intends put in place safeguards before the arrival of Google Glass. “Common sense would tell you that really you don’t need to look at a little computer while driving, that it endangers you, your passengers and other drivers,” Esquibel stated at the introduction of the bill.

Many other states are keeping a close eye on Wyoming and may consider a ban on wearable tech like Google Glass, including Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. The bill is up for review this month. As it stands, Montana is off the radar for this go around, but if the trend starts to get picked up in the form of law around America, it’s likely that Big Sky Country may follow.

What are your thoughts? Should Montana ban Google Glass while driving?