It's an age-old debate. When do the Christmas decorations go up and when do they come down?

We are into the week of Christmas now and I have my own beliefs about how to handle these issues. I usually put the lights up right after Thanksgiving and take them down the day after Christmas. That's just how I like to do it.

I have had many tell me that they leave their lights up until New Year's Day, which I can testify that I have seen.

Even though I love Christmas, I am the type of guy that likes to end it when it's done and start to get life back to normal. It's nothing against the holiday. I just like to celebrate it when it's happening and move on when it's done.

There are a lot of people that don't even decorate for Christmas so this wouldn't be an issue for them.

Regardless, what do you think is appropriate when it comes to taking down the decorations?