A busy Billings road had to close for nearly 2 hours over the weekend, following a multiple vehicle accident near midtown.

According to the @BillingsPD Twitter page, a 3 vehicle accident occurred Saturday (8/28) around 3pm MDT on Grand Avenue, at the 15th Street West intersection. Billings Police say they had to close both eastbound lanes, and one westbound lane on Grand following the incident.

Credit: Braeden Roesler

Photos courtesy of Braeden Roesler show a white Toyota SUV rolled on its side, after Billings PD say it had collided with another vehicle that was driven by a Billings man in his 40's, who was traveling westbound on Grand Avenue and ran a red light.

Images from the crash scene reveal a burgundy colored Lexus sedan, and a white Subaru were also involved in the accident. In the photos, you can see the roads are wet due to a rainstorm, but no report was given via Twitter that road conditions contributed to the crash.

Credit: Braeden Roesler

According to the report on the @BillingsPD Twitter page, Sgt. Becker said that 4 individuals were taken to Billings area hospitals for their injuries.

Credit: Mike Sutton, Townsquare Media

No further details about the names or conditions of those who were injured in the crash were available at the time of this story.

Credit: Braden Roesler

Just after 4:30pm on Saturday (8/28), Billings Police reopened all lanes of Grand Avenue at 15th Street West, according to their social media post via Twitter.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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